Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're Mobile!!!

Oh goodness... Life is changing. One day last week, all of the babies were laying around playing peacefully on their activity mats. Then the next day they were EVERYWHERE. They accomplish this by either rolling or dragging themselves, but even though there is no official crawling, they get to where they want to go and fast. Yikes! I have not even baby proofed yet. (Again, Ms. Procrastination!)

The babies crawl all over each other, tug on each other, look, smile and laugh at each other. The are so much fun to watch.

The babies all want to play on the floor now. They don't want to be contained...

Briellen was the first to venture out of our playroom. Her first stop was this funny little hole in the wall next to our pantry in the kitchen.

Briellen taking Mitchell to the funny little hole.

Ivy rolled under her Dads feet at the changing table.

Luke scoots backwards and gets really frustrated that he can't crawl forward.

Mitchell got stuck under chair in playroom.

Sidney was our first to sit up. She doesn't move around that much yet.

Briellen scared me one day by crawling behind this chair. I walked into the room and she was gone... ahhh.


  1. I totally understand. When our first crawled and then walked it was no big deal then the triplets came and they moved and we had to get gates and then when Hannah came we knew that we would be on "zone" defense for a long time. Now she is 7 months and wanting to walk like everyone else.

  2. YAY for all of them, they're doing so great! Can't believe how big they've gotten, and so happy they're all doing well. Love the pictures, miss you all tons!

  3. Oh sorry, didn't sign my last's Amy B.

  4. Holy cow..I cant get over how big they are!!! So precious!!!
    Sounds like things are going to get pretty interesting around there!!

  5. It was so great seeing you all on Friday! I can't believe how quickly they are growing and changing. Love you all tons! Big hugs and kisses!


  6. Oh, such little sweeties. I'm surprised Briellen didn't try to climb in the little hole!! They are so adorable. I will miss ya'll this week!

  7. watch out world!

    cute. cute. cute.


  8. SO cute! I had one that always would get stuck under furniture, you cant help but laugh, right? :)