Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holy Cow....

.... it's HUGE!!! Can you believe this is my stroller?!?!?!?!

Stephen was telling me that there is a certain way you have to load the stroller so it won't tip over... kinda like if you hang a too heavy purse on the back of an empty chair. I know that I will probably get it wrong once or twice and the babies will be on a roller coaster ride.

In case you are wondering how you transport it... a trailer hitch.

Good times are ahead at the Howell house!!! :)


  1. Looks like the Howell bus to me......there will be lessons in driving it I hope! ;)

  2. Holy cow...huge doesnt even describe it! lol
    Cant wait to see pics of the babies in it!!

  3. Ellen,
    You will love it! THe freedom to just walk around the block is great! And don't feel bad if you load/unload wrong. I've done it twice and no injuries. I think I was more upset than they were.
    Congratulations! I will let you know, it does attract a lot of attention and mine is only a 4-seater!

  4. It looks like FUN!
    It's funny that you have a stroller for 5 kiddos and that tiny basket in the back.....will the diaper bag even fit in there, HE HE!!

  5. Awwww, looks great, Ellen. I WANT TO COME HELP WITH THOSE BABIES!

    Just have to find a time when hubby is around to stay with the kiddos (he is gone 2 weeks this month)....and when I am home (5 weeks in Europe and a death in the family have interfered) and when none of us are sick (which was the case on and off for July and August)
    wheww.....they are growing up! Most of us moms have stories of dropping our kids so if it tips, they will be okay!

  6. I have made the mistake several times with my stroller and it tipped. Always have a foot, baby or diaper bag in the front seat. Very tricky :)

  7. Maybe i shouldn't admit this ... I laughed out loud immediately when your page loaded and I saw the stroller. Oh Elle!!! I wonder if steve could push you, me, Dana and Sooze to Madonna in this??? LOL
    See you soon!XO

  8. WOW! I can only imagine the attention that thing will get, but I bet pushing it around will be an incredible workout. Drew wants to know if it has a motor!

  9. WHOA! now that is some stroller! oh, i can just see those cuties all lined up in there. :)

  10. Hey, at least you guys can stay in shape just pushing that thing.

  11. Man! I wish my living room looked that clean and "un-baby-fied" (if that's a word). Minus, of course, the GINORMOUS babymobile.

    Good time ARE ahead for the Howell clan!

    Love from KS,
    Moni and the Graf quads

  12. Happy walking! Can't wait for mine all to be sniffle free so I can come help again!


  13. Ellen, I love reading your posts, but this one especially made me giggle.

    Holy cow is right! It looks like it will be fun though!


  14. I just found your blog and thought I would say Hi. I am a fellow multiples mom and have to say I love, love my runabout. I only have the quad though. My guys are two and love it. It handles so well for being so big! Enjoy the freedom it offers!