Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okay... So I know most of you think that the reason that I don't blog frequently is because I have quintuplets, but I have to admit that the real reason is because I have a new Apple computer that I don't know how to use! I am determined to conquer it, so I should be posting more frequently now.

I had lots of fun help over the past month... Stephen's grandma stayed with us for a week. Then my girlfriends from college came in for the weekend. They let me and Stephen get away for the afternoon for our first date since we left for Phoenix (Margaritas @ Lupe Tortilla)... My cousin Jenny and her daughter Lynnea came in for a week and Stephen and I got to go on our second date (Sushi!)...

My sister Amy is on bed rest in the hospital awaiting the arrival of her baby girl, Brynne. I have been able to go every Thursday to visit her thanks to the awesome help that I have! It looks like she is going to have her baby sometime this week. (33 weeks.) Only preemies in our family.

The babies are now four months old and life is getting a titch easier everyday... We are able to feed the babies two at a time, (#5 can be a little tricky,) we go for walks in the pretty weather... The babies smile, talk, and play... They are spending much more time awake (so are Stephen and I!) They are starting to sleep longer at night, so hopefully a full nights sleep is around the corner (or is that just wishful thinking.)

Here are some pics from over the past month...
Me & Babies

Bumbos From Miss Kim & Ralfi

College Girlfriends

Briellen, Ivy, Luke, Mitchell, Sidney


  1. have you tried hands free bottles? I have triplets and could not breast feed and so we were watching Oprah and found this cool bottle. Here is he web page: http://www.bonnybabies.com/feedinghf.htm
    so that you can look into it. That way they can all eat at the same time. It was great and I recommend it to everyone even if you have a small child and an older child sometimes there are just not enough hands and arms to go around.

  2. So glad to see you are doing well! We send our love from Arizona!!

  3. Wow...4 months! They are just precious! I can only imagine how busy you are, but we love the updates!! Hope to see more pics of those adorable babies again soon!
    How wonderful that you have help with friends and family!!

  4. Yeah!! Finally, I have benn checking back often to see if you have updated!! Just one question- how much do they weigh now??

  5. They are so cute. I really dont know how you do it with five. I cant imagine having a fifth. You are a rock star!
    PS i put you on my blog roll because i follow your blog, if that is not okay, comment me back :)
    They are getting big mama. And full nights sleep is around the corner. Ours started sleeping through the night at4.5 months and 12 hours a night at 6. ALMOST THERE!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How Precious!!!
    I wish I was there! Ellen you are a rail......... You look great! Hope to see ya'll soon Love you lots.
    MaMa Jude PA PA Steve

  7. CONGRATS!!!! It gets different, not easier. I am so proud of you for getting out and making time for you and for you and Stephen. Kuddos to you!!! Always here if you need me!

    Love Ya
    The Brown Bunch
    GGG-21 months today

  8. I dont know you, but found Blog off of my friend Megan Sommer and those babies are just precious, I just had my 3rd little girl Sept 9th and she is a handful.. can't imagnie 5 of them, but when they are yours, you JUST DO IT! You just did a great job bringing those babies into this world! God Bless! Love the pics! was giggling uncontrollably! love it!