Monday, August 4, 2008

Sidney & Ivy Home!!!

Wow!!! What a roller coaster ride the last two weeks have been... Quick recap - Mitchell and Briellen started having breathing problems. We thought that we were going to have to do surgery to fix their PDA's. The awesome neonatalogists decided to try a medicine to close them instead of surgery despite their "old" age. The medicine WORKED! No more PDA's! Briellen continued to have breathing issues and the doctors determined that it was her anemia causing it. We did a blood transfusion and she has been doing great. The biggest news is that Sidney and Ivy came home on Saturday! Even though the truly sleepless nights have begun, we are one step closer to coming home to Texas.

Tiny Ivy & Sidney Ready for Ride Home

Getting Ready To Go Home

Hanging Out At Home

The Farleys came to visit last weekend... Look at how big Aiden is!! I hadn't see him since April and he is such a little boy now!


  1. Congratulations on Sidney and Ivy coming home!!!

  2. Congratulations! 2 down, 3 to go and you will be homebound. That, my friend, is a wonderful day that I can't wait for you to experience. It was truly the most emotional part of the entire journey for me - flying home from Phoenix and seeing all my babies tucked safely in their cribs with no wires, no oxygen...just normal, healthy babies.


  3. Oh hip, hip, hooray! No wonder we haven't seen much of your mom around at church! LOL

    So happy for you all to have Ivy and Sidney home!

    Continuing to pray for you and can't wait to all of them are home and you all are back here in TX!

  4. That is such wonderful news all the way around!! I'm so happy for you that Sidney and Ivy got to come home, and it's also great that the other 3 seem to be making such progress. We can't wait for all of you to get to come home for good! Elle - you look great by the way!

  5. I am so happy for you. You look great. Keeping all of you in our prayers.

    Linda for the Curtis family

  6. Congrats! 2 down - 3 to go.

    Don't know that I would be in too big of a hurry to hit TX. We had a record high heat Sunday of 107 in Dallas! We are literally melting.

    Anyway, here is hoping the others follow suite and get to come home soon.

    KS (aka a "lurker")

  7. Yeah!!!! Oh, the fun is just about to really begin! Like Jac said, the experience of having them home, with no wires, ect., is the MOST unbelievable feeling! I'm so happy to have met you before you wnet out to PHoenix and to see how well all of you are doing! I still plan to come help out whne I'm in Katy one weekend!

  8. What a miracle...I have been following your story. I am so happy that 2 of the 5 are hope and will continue to pray for the others to be home soon.

  9. Hey Ellen and Stephen,

    This is Melissa McGuire (Matt McGuire's wife). Mari sent me your blog site and I want you to know I have been thinking and praying for you guys! What precious babies and I know you are so glad to have Ivy and Sidney home! I will continue to pray for you guys! You look great and so happy!


  10. What wonderful news!! They look great..and so do you!!
    Dont worry about Texas..we've got the storm headed here now!
    Stay safe!
    Thanks for keeping us all updated!!

  11. Yeah, so glad everyone is doing so well. Can't wait for all of you to get back to Texas.
    Drew & Jess

  12. Those tough little girls! And El, you really look fab! I am sooo excited, it feels like your homecoming is getting so much closer!! I am dying to give you the BIGGEST hug and to meet all of these beautiful babies. Hang in there... you'll be home soon..

  13. That is exciting news! I know you will be glad to get them ALL home and get back to Texas! Take care!

  14. I'm surprised the car seats aren't color-coded too????
    BTW - my plane ticket is booked for November - SEE you then!

  15. Oh Elle... You look positively radiant. You are just glowing!! Oh those lazy lazy boys... Don't they know it is time to come home??? I cannot believe the time is really coming and just can't wait to see you again and meet the cute little buggers!
    BUG hugs and kisses!



    I can't stand it without you guys anymore :)

    Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

    Love you -- Aim (and Aid & D!!!)

  17. Oh, my gosh, you are so radiant! And those girls are tooooooo precious. Can't wait until all the babies come home; of course like someone mentioned, it is a little HOT here but I know you will be glad to be in your own home soon. We'll keep praying and anticipating your arrival! Can we have a PARADE????????????? ;)

  18. Oh, I am so glad to hear that Mitchell and Briellen were able to get that medicine to close up their PDAs. What awesome news. I remember praying so hard that the Lord would make that work when we went through that with Sawyer.

    Congratulations on sweet little Ivy and Sidney coming home. I can't even imagine how excited all must be. Hopefully having two home will help y'all get into a routinue so that when the other 3 are there, you've had a chance to get used to their care. I'm sure you'll have an assembly line going. LOL

    How much do the babies weigh now? At our NICU the babies had to weigh at least 4 pounds before going home.

    I continue to pray for all of them and their progress. And for y'all to somehow get the rest you need.

    God bless,


  19. Absolutely amazing!! They are all looking so healthy and you two are looking great as well. What a blessing the medication worked and cleared up the PDA - that is some good stuff. Keep up the good work!!

  20. i'm so glad the 2 got to come home with you! :)

    you must tell me what hospital you had them at!!! was it phx children's? st. joe's? good sam?

    i had my Emma at st. joseph's. She was dedicated at my church today. it is amazing to me even now how far she's come....

    ~Shannon Stewart