Monday, March 10, 2008

3 Girls & 2 Boys

Picture of Two Babies Heads Looking From Above

Baby E (All babies look pretty much the same.)

We went to the doctor on Friday and we got a great update. All of the babies are the same size, have strong heartbeats and are as healthy as can be. They were all moving around so much, I wonder how I don't feel them. Everything was good with me as well. One of my biggest concerns is my cervix thinning too early, but I don't have to worry about that for another two weeks when I go back to the doctor again. We also got to see the sexes of the babies.... We have 2 boys and 3 girls. I am strictly taking the doctors word for it because it was very hard for me to tell what we were looking at. As the doctor was doing the ultrasound, he was measuring Baby D... as he was pushing down at the top of my rib cage, (The same place I get horrible heartburn,) I asked if this was the baby causing all the heartburn and he said yes it was. And guess what -- it is a little boy. Imagine a boy causing heartburn?? :) We didn't get any great ultrasound pics, so I just added a couple from the previous times.


  1. Ellen & Steve - sending so many prayers and so much love your way. Ellen, you really look lovely - glowing, growing, bright and happy. You can do this! :) I am going to put a link on blog over to your site... Here you go!!!

  2. hi cousins! just want you to know that we (Lyle & I) are part of your prayer team. Our kids (your 2nd cousins) and their kids (your kids 3rd cousins) are too. I've gotten some info from Margie- she gave me this blogspot. So right now we're rejoicing that your lives are in the hands of a mighty and loving God - one who will treasure every question, tear, smile and belly laugh you bring to Him! The whole Beall family is looking forward to getting to know the Hares and the Howells through this!