Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Halloween Festivites!

OMG.... Has it really been 2 months since I've blogged!?! My brother constantly reminds me how bad I am about keeping up, but I didn't believe him until now!

October was filled with fun fall/Halloween festivities...

First was the Oil Ranch, in a small town right outside of Houston... They had a large pumpkin patch, petting zoo, train ride and hay bale maze. You could also milk a cow, take a pony ride or hay ride. Plus tons of grass for the babies to run around... We met several of our friends there and the weather was amazing! I learned the valuable lesson that I should pack a picnic lunch instead of relying on concessions.

Stephen Strolling Babies

Luke, Mitchell, Ivy, Briellen, Sidney

Hay Bale Maze
Luke, Brielle, Sidney, Ivy, Mitchell (Hidden!)

Scarecrow Luke
Riding the Train
Stephen & Ivy, Nonna & Mitchell

Elle & Luke

Next we went to our local pumpkin patch to play. We had so much fun that we decided to go out to eat dinner at Lupe Tortilla -- best fajitas andmargs ever! Quite a spectacle with 8 kids 5 adults. I guess I can't go anywhere anymore without it being a spectacle. Funny thing -- Lupe Tortilla has notoriously slow service, but they had us in and out in a flash! They either needed their high chairs back or were afraid of the potential meltdowns. (BTW - No meltdowns actually happened!!)





The Howells

And then, the finale -- Halloween night! We went to a Toddler Party at our friends Susan & RJ's! Now, a Toddler party is a far cry from the crazy Halloween parties that we were used to attending, but I have to admit that I had so much fun. Pumpkin spice martini's and Gerber Yogurt Bites hors d'oeuvres. We dressed the babies up in Safari animal costumes and Stephen and I went as Safari guides. They didn't stay in their costumes very long, but we got some good pics and then I put them back on for trick-or-treating. They didn't seem to mind them in the wagons! We still got home in time to answer the door at our house for trick-or-treaters!!

Stephen & Ellen
Sidney, Briellen, Ivy, Mitchell, Luke


My Sister Amy & Brynne

Our Friends Drew & Jes, Mason & Ian

Hosts Sooze & RJ & Eli